Divots Spotlight on Teeth of the Dog

Each week we will highlight one of the famed courses from aboutGolf® available for you to experience at Divots Indoor Golf.  This week we highlight Teeth of the Dog:

Location:  La Romana, Dominican Republic

Year Opened:  1972

Course Record:  62

Architect:  Pete Dye

Pete Dye's signature course, the #1 course in the Caribbean, and the #39 ranked course in the world, Teeth of the Dog has a reputation that's well deserved.  Meticulously hand carved from the rugged rock and coral of the Dominican coastline, the hard-fought and challenging creation of Teeth of the Dog is an apt description for what playing a round can be like.  Make no mistakes, if you dare challenge the Dog it will bite back.  But your efforts will be rewarded with 18 jaw-droopingly-beautiful holes, including seven right along the ocean, and the satisfaction of knowing you've played one of the best courses in the world.  How many of your friends can say the same? 

In addition to the latest version,  Divots also offers the 2011 Archive Edition.  The archive edition allows you to play the course as it was in 2011, before many changes were made to keep pace with advances in golf equipment and athleticism.  Notable features include shorter length, more forgiving fairways, fewer bunkers and other hazards when compared to the present 2016 edition.  A major landmark, the local airstrip at Casa de Campo still divides hole 18 in this trip back in time.

Teeth of the Dog

Teeth of the Dog

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