Enclosed simulator bays (16 feet wide x 20 feet deep)

80 PGA approved courses with new ones added yearly

18 practice options integrated with world-class aG Flix video analysis

Over 1000 challenge game variations

Multiple scoring options including match and scramble formats

3Trak Technology

At Divots we offer aboutGolf® 3Trak technology. 3Trak® uses high-speed, stereoscopic cameras to accurately track ball and club data in three dimensions.

A golf swing is a combination of rhythm, tempo and timing. There is no better way to gauge your swing than with 3Trak®. It captures virtually every shot ... high, low, fast, slow, hard drives and soft chips.

aG Flix

Divots is proud to offer our customers aG Flix. aG Flix is aboutGolf’s video analysis software (currently available on simulator #7). High-quality video of the swing is captured with two cameras. Analyze multiple swings in sync, from multiple angles or compare a swing with a professional using multiple swing sequencing.

Divots offers the aG Games platform which features closest-to-the-pin and longest drive contests, mini golf, golf arcade games and 1000+ challenge events (sand, water & obstacles) with more content to come. Golfers will love the new Short Course Masters Par 2 competition mode that allows any hole on select courses to be played from 20 up to 100 yards.

For more about the technology behind our simulators see www.aboutgolf.com